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Alexis, Student

"My biggest takeaway and favorite part was the meditation. I could sit and think about myself, my future, my places and was able to focus on my breathing a lot, which helped my anxiety. Asher asked questions that made us think and he did a great job during that part."

Jacob S., Student

"Tom Maggio was an excellent guest speaker, what I thought was really important was when he was talking about core values. Tom described core values as the decisions you make in your life. Core values can also be what you want in life or the things that you live by kind of like your morals. Tom said that if you don’t enjoy what your job is then you won’t have a happy life. Tom also said that you should “Happily live instead of live to be happy”. This saying meant to me that you live happy in the moment and try not to plan out your happiness. You shouldn’t try to plan out your happiness because when doing that your going to find yourself unhappy with your life but if you enjoy what your doing you will find yourself very happy and your quality of life will be much better. " 

Hannah, Student


"It was an EYE OPENING EXPERIENCE for me. Asher is inspiring, relatable, interactive, motivating and straight up AWESOME!"

Brianna L., Student

  "Yesterday’s speaker. Tom Maggio, had a very interesting and different way of presenting different topics. I really enjoyed it. The way he got us involved a lot and the just the way he spoke was very different than usual and just really interesting. The topic of Core Values stuck out to me the most. The core values are the most important because they help you make certain decisions and they kind of guide your life and the way you think. His topic of visualization was one of the topics that stuck out to me. Visualization is when you close your eyes and first, picture a time in your life that you first felt accomplished and you literally put yourself in that situation again and feel that feeling, then you picture yourself a few years down the road celebrating something that you accomplished and feel that feeling and put yourself in that situation. Visualization can help you make your goals real. The way he reiterated the importance of Core Values and visualization really stuck out to me and made me start thinking about my own Core Values for the rest of the day. "  

Hayden, Student

 "Asher is good public speaker, and was strong at relaying the core message! He used past examples of kindness as encouragement for the future! 

Adam W, Student

 Tom Maggio's ability to relate to the audience was noteworthy. The fact he able to change the atmosphere with simple questions and assess the feeling in the room and changed topics accordingly was amazing. He eccentrically spoke and didn’t have any issue answering hard questions. I have learned the lesson of not to overthink the goal but to focus on the steps it takes to get there. His success in his career is nothing short of amazing. His simple idea and to bring it into reality is what amazed me the most.